NEWINGTON LITTLE LEAGUE 2021 FALL SEASON Registration is now open.  View the online registration overview or select program to get started. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you had a child in NLL during the 2020 season or 2021 spring/summer seasons, please use the email address on file to log in.  This will save you (and us) time by having all information pre-populated for you and not having to re-enter duplicate information.  If you do not remember your password, you can just enter your email and a new password will be emailed to you.  Thanks!

View the online registration overview or select program to get started.


NLL Fall Baseball - Ages 7-11, and qualifying 12s (see registration info): Fee = $100 per player

NLL Fall Softball (Minors and Majors) - Ages 8-12: Fee = $100 per player

NLL Fall Softball (Instructional) - Ages 7-8: Fee = $75 per player

NLL Fall T-Ball Baseball - Boys & Girls Ages 4-6: Fee = $65 per player\

Information for baseball players 12+ and softball players 13+ coming soon.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Eligible Baseball Players are ages 4-16. Eligible Softball Players must be no older than 16 years old (see age charts) 

All NEW Players must provide a copy of a Birth Certificate

ALL Players in ALL divisions must provide recent proof of residency through school enrollment form or (3) different forms of I.D. are required. Valid forms include driver's license, utility bill, cable/internet bill, mortgage/loan documents, vehicle documents, insurance documents. All documentation should be a recent document. For example, provide a bill from December or January, not July. Children who do not live in town, but attend school in town are eligible to play in NLL. School enrollment form for current academic year and dated prior to October 1, 2020 is required for proof.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE: www.newingtonll.com Supporting documents (birth certificates, proof of residency) can be sent to the following address: Newington Little League • P.O. Box 310176 • Newington, CT 06131-0176 If you have any questions, please contact… NLL Registration Coordinator Daniela James @ 860-550-0949/danielabuko@gmail.com