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tonight's game canceled and update
by posted 06/07/2023

Hi Everyone,

With the polluted air, Carvel's coach and I decided we rather not play tonight, not worth kids getting sick over teeball.

UPDATE: we won't make this game up, so we have 2 games left, I was thinking on Monday we could get Pizza for the kids, and have a little party afterward, let me know if that is doable for everyone.



Sat, Jun 10 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM vs. Pro Health Physicians Game Paterson #5



Mon, Jun 12 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM vs. Carvel Game Paterson #4Upper



Coach Matt








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Game today
by posted 06/03/2023


Good Morning everyone,

I haven't heard from the league, so today's game is a go at 10:30 on the big field today, if something changes in the next hour, I will let you know ASAP!

Coach Matt


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by posted 05/30/2023


Hi Everyone, hope you had a nice extended weekend!

Christine won't be there tomorrow so if someone can volunteer to be a bench babysitter, or on the bases with the kids tomorrow, I'd appreciate it.  I know a few weeks ago the kids were little nuts on a school night, I'm going to talk to the other coach to see if we can have the 3rd inning when everyone runs the bases, and if after the 1st inning the kids are crazy again maybe we'll only play 2.  Please get to the game 10 mins early so we can start at 5:30. Thank you!


05:30 PM - 06:30 PM vs. Rosenberg Orthodontics Game Paterson #4Upper

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